HIV Life Assurance

Finding HIV Life Assurance can be a tricky business, so following the recent launch of our new sponsors Unusual Risks we asked them to give us an overview of how the market is shaping up and give us some tips on finding the best HIV Life Assurance & HIV Life Insurance.

  • Currently 70* of Insurance providers offer HIV Life Assurance and not even those providers guarantee to cover all of those living with HIV. This is very much a developing market with changes to criteria and insurance products happening each month.

  • Unusual Risks recently surveyed the HIV Life Assurance market and found that process can vary enormously for the same cover between providers. They found that in some cases insurance providers can charge double the premium for the same client..

  • In some cases clients are being asked to submit all of their details on an application and agree to take a medical without any initial terms being quoted by the provider up front. It’s important that you are at least offered an indication of terms before making an application.

  • The majority HIV Life Assurance providers require that your viral load be undetectable and CD4 Count be above 400. Be aware that those Life Assurance providers offering more relaxed criteria may be asking for higher premiums from the applicant.

  • In a developing market such as HIV Life Assurance it is crucial that you seek independent advice from a specialist in life assurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. They will give greater attention to your circumstances and respect your rights.

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly when applying for HIV Life Assurance, then share your experiences through this blog. We will endeavour to answer your questions and hold product providers to account where they appear to have let standards slip.

If you require more specific advice on these issues, or are looking for a quotation then you should contact our sponsors Unusual Risks Mortgage and Insurance Services. They are one of the UK’s leading mortgage and insurance specialists for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

* Source of Figures Is the Unusual Risks HIV Life Assurance Survey 2014, which can be found online at